Dear Friend and Colleague

The 2012 London Olympics are just around the corner. A great many people are understandably excited at the prospect and large numbers of athletes are in extensive training in readiness. But it seems to me that there is another view of this major series of forthcoming events across Britain.

Please forgive my cynicism but I sense that Britain will as the result of the Olympic games, undergo still further degradation and find itself more deeply embedded in the pan-world morass of controlled society.

For a start, I firmly believe that Britain will wake up to find itself inescapably a metric nation. This may not sound like much but the creeping cancer of the British people’s subjugation by way of many things including metrication is already well under way. By definition, we already live in a police state and the recently circulated “Subjugation List” covers a number of these oppressive tools while many others have yet to be added. There will be many more.

The influx of thousands of foreign nationals to Britain for the games will enable a faster, wider spread of metric use to all areas of our lives and as previously explained, metrication is not just a backward step in our weights and measures in daily life (metric is far less simple, more time consuming and certainly more difficult to work with than imperial) but its imposition will ensure further suppression of the British people under the very reasonable guise of “enhanced business and scientific communication”.

A question I have been struggling with is, was London chosen for the 2012 Olympic games merely by chance as many believe, or was it a preconceived and prearranged intention toward Britain’s greater involvement in Europe and thus, eventual world domination by the chosen, self elected few ? Bear this in mind. In all of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Far East (remember, Australia converted to metric for “enhanced business and scientific communication” with its neighbours), Britain is the only non-metric nation that the EU desperately seeks to command and control. Our political “elite” openly work very hard toward that end also. (But the truth that Britain’s withdrawal from any association with the EU will trigger downfall of the super-state, is often mentioned in unguarded moments).

So you have to ask yourself, has all this happened purely by chance ? Or was it PLANNED ?

With sincere apologies to those who disagree with me, I deeply believe that the latter is the case. There are many dark, sinister forces at work against our country and over time, against the peoples of the world. The majority have already succumbed but the historically “free” nations – Britain and the United States – still have yet to be brought to submission. In my view, the Olympic games are just another means to further weaken and suppress our country.

Life in Britain was never as bad as this at any stage in my life before now. But it gets noticeably worse as each day goes by. And I do not believe it to be my imagination.

All I ask is that you reflect on this. THINK ABOUT IT.

And see what YOU come up with.

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