Misappropriation of our Taxes

The so-called Cuts ignore the vast cost of the EU and International Aid.

Nothing short of criminal.

This is NOT racist, it’s Facts that you can easily verify!!

How angry do people have to get? – Read this and weep!

we’re “broke” & can’t help: –
Our own Senior Citizens,
Our own deserving Troops,
Our Orphans,
And the Homeless
etc . . . etc . . . . etc. . .

In the last month alone we have provided aid to: –

Haiti    – again!
Chile ,
Turkey ,
Greece ,
Pakistan – again. . .
amongst others

Our pensioners are living on a ‘fixed income’
Receive no aid, or get any breaks, while our
government and religious organizations pour

Hundreds of Millions of ££££££’s
and Tons of Food
ALL too Foreign Countries!

We have thousands of adoptable children who are shoved aside
WHY  . . . .
To make room for the adoption of foreign orphans!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Britain – a country where we have: –
Homeless without shelter,
Children and adults going to bed hungry,
Elderly going without ‘needed’ medication,
The mentally ill without treatment -etc,etc.


They are requesting donations for the people of Pakistan . . .
A country that trains British Muslim extremists
how to BOMB & KILL us!!!!
A country that ploughs millions into its nuclear programme!!!
A country with hundreds of millionaires who do sod all
for THEIR own countrymen!
The same country that has passed laws so these
rich people don’t pay ANY taxes!!!
The same country where most of the aid sent
DOES NOT reach the ones in need!!!

….and we have – Yet AGAIN. .
TV stations that are spouting WE are letting these people down!!!
Whilst OUR ships and OUR planes
(laughably some are Military ones)
All lined up to fly and crammed full with:
Our food. .
Our Bottled Water!!! . .
Our New Tents. .
Our New Clothes . . .
Our New Bedding . . .
OUR NHS Doctors & Nurses
and OUR medical supplies. .
Whilst UK cancer patients are denied life saving drugs!!!
And some of our OWN – from children to pensioners –
go to bed hungry!!!
Imagine if the *GOVERNMENT* gave ‘US’
the same support they give to other countries.

Sad isn’t it?