Less than a week to go before the Local and Mayoral elections, it has been a very busy time for myself and the English Democrats after bring Democratic chnage in Salford.

Our local campaigns continue to proceed as many voters become disalutioned with the Lib-Lab-Con tricks.

In Salford we have been calling for a “Salfordgate” inquiry in many projects that Labour have signed up to, the media and the incumbent politicians still seem think the world of Salford centres around Mdeia City/ Langworthy/Ordsall areas whilst neglecting the majority of the City and the grave concerns residents have.

We have seen a new version of the 3 Stooges in the Lib-Lab-Con, who have all been party to the SalfordGate fiasco. Only when the English Democrats started to campaign in Salford highlighting the many issues affecting the City have the financial mismanagement by Labour finally been brought to the front.

We will contiue to bring Salford Labour to task over their disgraceful track record of squandering tax payers money whilst essential services suffer.