Child Poverty in Greater Manchester is out of control.

Child Poverty in Greater Manchester is out of control and needs to be urgently tackled; this will be one of my priorities if elected Mayor for Greater Manchester.

Councils in Greater Manchester are showing appalling rates of Child poverty:

Bolton 31.05%, Bury 25.34%, Manchester 40.04%, Oldham 33.04%, Rochdale 32.30%, Salford 30.93%, Stockport 20.78%, Tameside 28.96%, Trafford 20.62%, Wigan 25.12%

Manchester Council (Labour) is the 2nd highest at 40.04% for child poverty in the UK, with Manchester Central (Labour) 2nd with 44.8% and Manchester Gorton (Labour) 6th with 42% child poverty in parliamentary constituencies.

This is not just because of Tory austerity; this is because of Labour. Child poverty in Greater Manchester was as appalling, if not worst, under the last Labour Government.

Labour are no longer the party of the working class, no longer stand for equality and fairness, for those in need, the National Health Service or for local businesses.

They are bereft of ideas, being ripped apart by their anti-Semitism and Brexit, disagreeing over public services and over the importance of a social safety net.

As Mayor of Greater Manchester tackling child poverty will be one of my priorities, children are our future; they are Greater Manchester’s future.