English Democrats North West Meeting

5th February 2012

The English Democrats North West meeting continued given the bad weather, although a number of absentees were noted due to this.

We discussed at length the success of our campaign in the Salford Mayoral referendum and the next phase of the campaign. Our short list of candidates was discussed along with the campaign manifesto to cut Council tax by 50% whilst protecting essential front line services from further cuts by Cll Merry’s ruling Labour regime.

Although the council tried to scaremongering voters with blatant lies on their leaflets, many people already didnt believe the propaganda that Labour had been using for years, only the thought of a Tory council scared people enough to keep Labour in control, the vast majority of Salford voters never even bothering to turn out each year to vote in Council elections however enough turn out to vote YES for a Democratically Elected Mayor.

This is an exciting time in Salford, to finally get away from the Merry-go-round (pardon the pun) of Labour & Tory’s each blaiming the other for their failings whilst the Lib Dem’s sit on the fence.

Politics has already changed in Salford, a City that will now have a Democratically Elected Leader voted in by the people of the City (you would have to delve into the history books to find the last time that occurred).

Our local establishment politicians are tainted by their lengthy association with the parties which oversaw the creation of a massive debt-based economy, it’s time for a new approach from the generation which is forced to bare the mistakes of the past politicians. Join a new generation for Change.