Ghettoised Greater Manchester Mayoral Elections mired in multi-cultural muddle!

Ghettoised Greater Manchester Mayoral Elections mired in multi-cultural muddle!

Mohammed Aslam, an “independent candidate” in the election for ‘Greater Manchester Mayor’, delivered his message in Urdu on the BBC’s News “minute manifesto” Metro mayor candidate Mohammed Aslam’s minute manifesto – BBC News (So either he can’t speak English or, more likely, he simply didn’t want to!).  The translation appears to have been done by the BBC.

Considering that the BBC after asking for comments from Stephen Morris, the English Democrats’ candidate decided not to publish the story it seems not too fanciful to question whether their translation downplays the nature of Mohammed’s comments.

Mohammed Aslam has not turned up at any of the Hustings during the election and seems to be not interested in talking to the English speaking population of Greater Manchester. He has deliberately restricted himself to speaking to only his own Pakistani Muslim immigrant group – to the total exclusion of the majority of the voters in Great Manchester!

Stephen Morris, the English Democrats’ candidate, said:-

“The English Democrats campaign for the integrated society working together in our English national community that is the essential basis for real democracy. So I was shocked to see Mohammed Aslam’s Racially and Religiously exclusive approach to campaigning for the Greater Manchester Mayoralty. His actions are a clear example of the failure of multiculturalism which has now created an increasingly apartheid or ghettoised society in Greater Manchester and is actively opposing racial and religious groups from working together across England”.

Stephen Morris continued:-

“In the last two weeks we have also seen the reporting of the gleeful tweeting of burning of a bible in Holy Week by the UKIP candidate. This has been reported to the police as a “Hate Crime” by my Party Chairman, Robin Tilbrook, who is a solicitor.”

“Now we have seen a candidate for an English city deliver his manifesto only in a foreign language!”

“Traditional Christian values are of tolerance and of creating a cohesive society. You don’t need to be a Christian to accept these values but you must advocate them if you are to be the Mayor for all the people of Greater Manchester”!

Stephen Morris continued:-

“Both Shneur Odze and Mohammed Aslam’s actions are against integration. As such I urge that they should be rejected by Greater Manchester’s voters in the coming Mayoral election

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