Herr Juncker mit Frau Nicola MacQuisling

Herr Juncker mit Frau Nicola MacQuisling

 On the 29th June 2016, 6 days after the EU referendum, the SNP under Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership entered Brussels and at 5pm had a meeting with the EU President Jean-Claude Juncker. This is a day that Englishman should remember because that meeting for all intents and purposes it was the day that the SNP made Scotland the Auld Enemy again. They sought to negotiate a trade deal with the EU at England’s cost.

In the past when Scotland and England were at Loggerheads, Scotland would regularly work its way across Europe in the hope of gaining money from European powers for poking England with a military stick. At times to European delight and our histories shame that poking led to much bloodshed on both sides in Britain.

However the thought from England in modern times was that those days were in the past. That they were a distance memory and the Auld Enemy was just for fun on the sports field. Not now! The SNP have put that baby well and truly to bed. Shame on them.

The SNP should have remembered this famous quote “Learn from history or you’re doomed to repeat it.” It would appear that Nicola Sturgeon has just repeated it. In her lust for Scottish independence she ignored that there has been a long history of conflict between Scotland and England. Yet instead of working with the UK government and the people of England she went to Brussels in an attempt to ‘curry favour’ with the EU at England’s expense. She has stabbed England in the back and betrayed her fellow Scots in the process.

How Junker deals with the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon in the future remains to be seen but EU diplomats have made mistakes in the past. You only need to look at its foreign policy of declaring the right of provinces and republics of Yugoslavia to have the right to freely determine their own future to realise that meddling in another countries politics ends in tears. Junker’s meeting today puts him on the cliff’s edge of making a similar mistake.

Fortunately for the UK and England, Spain and France ignored the SNP and Junker. They showed their statesmanship had learnt from history and they have rebuked the SNP for their double-crossing. They have stopped Nicola Sturgeon, ‘the quisling’ in her tracks. Is she humble enough to accept it and is Junker wise enough to walk away?  We will have to wait and see.

Stephen Morris

North West Chairman