It’s our Childrens England

Dear Friend and Colleague

Here is a thought.

You’ll know that each and every European nation has just one nationalist political organisation.  Whether it is France,  Sweden,  Germany,  Poland,  Austria,  Italy or any other,  each one benefits from countrywide nationalist support and is having marked effect upon the politics and the policies in their own countries because they present a sizable united force.  Moreover,  the concentration of effort within each group is solely against the opposition parties of those nations,  not against each other internally or anyone else who supports the nationalist movement of the country.


I admire and have a huge respect for everyone who works so hard in all of England’s Nationalist groups and parties.  But I am deeply saddened that while we have so many different organisations striving for the same outcome,  not one of them is actually achieving the goals they aspire to simply because they are all still separate.  They work incredibly hard to build different politically based entities yet they all follow essentially the same policies that they seek individually to push forward for England’s electorate to read,  inwardly digest and vote for come election time.


But the English public do not see all this work.  In fact,  they rarely see any leaflets or other literature at all.  My idea has always been to send it out by post.  Yes, I know that costs.  But at what cost,  our country ?


A great many English people do not even know there is a nationalist movement here at all.  Hence numbers of English people still support the old brigade and all they stand for.  At election time,  with so many bewildering political approaches vying to secure their votes and with the nationalist groups commanding little discernible political strength,  the electorate are not only confused,  but bemused.  They see nothing that is particularly worth supporting or voting for.  Where the nationalists are concerned,  there is little chance of any of these small “going nowhere” parties winning any viable number of votes to work with so they attract little attention.  Yet the policies would be nice if only they could be brought to fruition.


Small wonder then that Lib/Lab/Con and the Establishment generally,  together with all their Bilderburger friends and Common Purpose ‘operatives’ walk away totally complacent in the unshakeable knowledge that they can do just as they wish with our country and our children’s inheritance because there is no organisation big enough or with sufficient electoral support for them to be concerned about that could stand up and shout, “NO”.


Britain’s political “elite” have nothing to worry about.  They can afford to smile and joke because their cushy,  well funded lifestyle is cast-iron guaranteed.  This is far from the case in other European countries however,  where nationalists have a very sizable say in what does or doesn’t happen.  But even they are still not big enough.  The Freedom Democrats and I’m sure others in England,  are in contact with such European organisations as the German Freedom Party (Die Freiheit).  But England still does not have one single political group that expressly represents our country as a whole against the heavily (and dubiously) funded might and indignant will of Lib/Lab/Con.  Where the European groups come together and support each other en masse,  I am not even sure that any of England’s many groups combine at any time at all.  Even to discuss a united nationalist thrust,  let alone bring action against the ruination that our country suffers.


So without any sense of sizable electorate support,  without any frequent postal reminders that the nationalists are out there working for our very survival without half of the country even knowing that we exist,  while we continue to stand separate candidates with small levels of local support but who frequently do not win due to Lib/Lab/Con corruption,  while we all continue to insist that each of our groups has what it takes to succeed in isolation from all the rest,  how are we ever going to gain control of our country as separate entities ?  I’m truly sorry to have to say,  “It just isn’t going to happen”.



(And all the honesty,  sincerity and other qualities that our country fully deserves.)


With very sincere respect to each of those to whom I write,  I cannot believe that the significance of this most vital point has still not been grasped in England.  If all of the other European nationalists have seen the light and have created single countrywide nationalist groups for the strength that they then carry,  why has it not been seen here in England ?   Or is this another Establishment insurgency issue ?  Infiltrate them all and keep them all small.


Like it or not,  standing TOGETHER is the only way we are going to achieve anything.


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