Local Election Results

The run up to the May elections was a very busy time for myself and the English Democrats, as the North West Chairman I was also involved with the Mayoral campaigns in Salford and Liverpool as well as giving guidance to candidates in other areas, however the area I live was still my priorty and I still managed to put out 4,500 national leaflets, 4,500 local A5 leaflets, 4,000 A4 local leaflets and 1,000 last minute A5 leaflets. This helped to put not just me but also those who voted for me (as we are all a team) in to 2nd place pushing the Tory’s into 3rd and Lib Dems into 4th.

Both myself and Val would like to thank everyone who voted for us, our campaigns do not stop at elections and we will continue the fight to bring Democracy to England and make sure our taxes are used to benefit our areas.
Local election results 2012

Besses Ward Candidate Party Votes polled
Baum, Julie Liberal Democrats 185
Fitzgerald, Elizabeth The Labour Party 1,484
Morris, Stephen English Democrats – “Putting England First!” 367
Silvester, Ian The Conservative Party 358

Effective electorate: 8,407. Spoiled votes: 7. Poll: 28.6%. Outcome: Labour hold

Holyrood ward Candidate Party Votes polled
Curran, Carl The Conservative Party 260
D’Albert, Vic Liberal Democrats 1,359
Heneghan, Paddy The Labour Party 1,510
Morris, Valerie English Democrats – “Putting England First!” 186

Effective electorate: 9,003. Spoiled votes: 11. Poll: 37%. Outcome: Lab gain from Lib Dems