Mind-Blowing Changes in Global History


 We are facing a mind-blowing change in global history – and all carefully planned, years ago!

 The following confirms what many of us have been preaching to the deaf public, for many years! ……”None so deaf….etc!”

 We are witnesses to a bankers’ coup on country after country in the biggest transfer of wealth and political power from people to a tiny elite in known human history.

It began with the Illuminati-engineered collapse of the banking system in September 2008. This banking crisis became a government crisis when Illuminati-controlled governments bailed out the banks and became swamped in catastrophic levels of debt.


“….Rothschild agents in the UK government, Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne, are both manipulating behind the scenes to bring this about (joining the euro) because it is their job to collapse the British economy and see it absorbed into the European superstate.”   


Slight problem……they are organised – we are not!   Buy food and loo rolls!








Well researched -joining the dots to a bigger picture.


The most frustrating part of what I do is to watch the blatantly obvious being ignored or dismissed by those who bravely believe themselves to be intelligent and ‘informed’.

Such was the case this week when I was ‘interviewed’ by a national newspaper ‘journalist’ from Croatia. The thought that this guy was in the pivotal position of telling people what is happening in the world was rather depressing.

I won’t bore you with the details, but the man was clueless about the world that he was ‘reporting’ and he is the norm, not the exception, in his alleged profession worldwide.

The major subject we discussed was the planned entry of Croatia into the European Union which the political classes of the country in all the main parties want to go ahead with despite the catastrophic state of the EU.

I pointed out that to still even consider joining the fascist/communist European superstate was akin to watching a house collapse before your eyes and then asking if you can move in. Words like crazy, insane and suicidal do not do it justice.

The ‘journalist’ was a ‘coincidence theorist’ in that he could explain away all the multi-levelled, multi-subject, interconnected events happening in Europe and around the world as coincidences when the coordination is so ridiculously obvious to anyone with one eye even partially open.


There are none so blind as those who have no wish to see.

Among rank and file ‘journalists’, the curse of ignorance and the illusion of knowledge are a far greater threat to the truth than conspiratorial manipulation. All the true real manipulators have to do is employ such people and the rest takes care of itself.

Ignorance and arrogance are a nightmare combination and yet this is to be found throughout the mainstream media, politics, academia, science and so on. The vast majority of mainstream journalists are ignorant of world events and think that investigative journalism is reading the morning papers and watching the newsroom TV; yet they are arrogant enough to believe that because they are ‘journalists’ they must know what is happening.

They don’t. They don’t even begin to.

Ask most journalists around the world about Zbigniew Brzezinski’s 1970 book, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, and they would look at you in bewilderment. Many would even ask these days ‘who is Zbigniew Brzezinski?’

They have no idea about the forces that really control world events and if you said that Brzezinski was a co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, most would once again ask ‘What is the Trilateral Commission?’

It can indeed be a frustrating and largely meaningless task communicating with mainstream journalists unless you have lots of experience talking to a wall and have become used to interacting with that level of ‘awareness’.

So for all the walls and journalists out there, Zbigniew Brzezinski was National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter and is a major insider of the cabal that manipulates world events to secure their long-planned goal of a global slave colony way more extreme than even it is today.

The Trilateral Commission, which he co-founded with arch-manipulator, David Rockefeller, is one of a network of ‘think-tanks’ including the Bilderberg Group and Council on Foreign Relations, that coordinates the ‘consensus’ between politicians, bankers, industrialists, intelligence personnel and the military to advance the agenda for mass human suppression and control.

Brzezinski has been latterly the mentor (handler) of Barack Obama and he is such a major insider that to read his books is to see what the agenda has planned for its human targets. This is what he wrote 41 years ago in ‘Technetronic Era‘:

The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.

The society that Brzezinski envisaged (knew was coming) is the very one now emerging for anyone with a modicum of intelligence to see. We are indeed having almost continuous surveillance asserted over every citizen and up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information maintained about the citizen.

But we are moving even deeper into the ‘technetronic society’ in Europe which is increasingly dominated by an elite ‘unrestrained by traditional values’. Yes, values like public accountability and little niceties like elections. And what is happening in Europe now is planned for the rest of the world.

The European Union is already a bureaucracy and technocracy in that the power is in no way in the gift of anyone elected by the people, but in the hands of bureaucrats at the European Commission and bankers at the European Central Bank. The irrelevant talking-shop called the European Parliament in Strasburg, France, close to the German border, is only there to allow the ludicrous claim that the EU is ‘democratic’.

The politicians, except those at the highest levels of government, are kept away from the Commission in Brussels, Belgium, where the real action is. Any credible parliament would be in the same place as the unelected ‘commissioners’ and watching them like a hawk.

Instead, it is located in a different country to the dark suits in the manner of ‘you just go away and play little boys and girls and let us adults decide what is going to happen’.

The technocracy that Brzezinski talks about is defined as ‘a system of society according to which government is controlled by scientists, engineers, and other experts’. This is now demonstrably happening in Europe and not only at the European Commission either.

Technocratic coups have taken place in Greece and Italy where elected leaders, appalling as they were, have been replaced by bankers’ placemen without a single vote being cast. The irony of Ancient Greece being dubbed ‘the cradle of democracy’ is not lost. How the once mighty fall.

Greek Prime Minister Georges Papandreou, the American-born Rothschild Zionist, oversaw the collapse of the Greek economy along with his predecessors and Rothschild-controlled Goldman Sachs and negotiated a bailout from the EU and other Rothschild-controlled sources like the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Then Papandreou either made the ‘mistake’, or the prearranged decision, to say that he would put the terms of the negotiation (brutal austerity programmes for the people) to a public referendum. The Rothschild enforcers in Europe, President Sarkozy in France and Chancellor Merkel in Germany, demanded that the right of the people to decide on their fate should be withdrawn and puppet Papandreou did precisely that.
He stepped down to be replaced not by an elected alternative, but Lucas Papademos, the former vice president of the European Central Bank, Senior Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Governor of the Bank of Greece and visiting professor at Harvard. Yes, a banker and academic (technocrat) was simply appointed Prime Minister of Greece without a ballot box in sight and he is a member of Brzezinski’s Trilateral Commission to boot.

Papademos immediately agreed to introduce everything demanded by the EU and IMF and stood beside the disgusting José Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission, when Barroso said that all future Greek governments must be bound by the austerity policy. So what would be the point of ‘elections’?

Greece RIP.

The technocrat and the bureaucrat: Papademos and Barroso tell the Greek people what is going to be.

Then they turned their fire on Italy using the same strategy that they used with Greece – ‘the markets demand it’. Just as ‘the markets’ demanded the appointment of Papademos, so they (through Sarkozy and Merkel) demanded that the technocrat Mario Monti replace the elected buffoon and billionaire, Silvio Berlusconi, in Italy.
Herman Van Rompuy, the ludicrous president of the European Council, said in Rome that ‘the country needs reforms, not elections’. The arrogance of these people knows no bounds.
Italy RIP.

Technocrat Mario Monti became both Prime Minister of Italy and Minister of Economy and Finance in a country of more than 60 million without a single public vote being cast. Yale student Monti is a former European Commissioner, European President of the Trilateral Commission, leading member of the Bilderberg Group and has been an international advisor to Coca Cola and Goldman Sachs.

Monti: ‘Yessir, Mr Rothschild, then what do I do?’

Ahhh, yes, Goldman Sachs. Monti is one of a gathering army of technocrats around the world appointed to government by Goldman Sachs, the Rothschild operation at the very core of the engineered global economic collapse.

Bankers’ man Jean Claude Tricket (Rothschild Zionist) has served the cabal as head of the European Central Bank throughout this period of economic collapse and takeover ‘bailouts’. Now, as he steps down, this pivotal position has been handed to Mario Draghi, former Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, governor of the Italian Central Bank and an insider to his fingertips.

Draghi:’Yessir, Mr Rothschild, then what do I do?’

Pascal Canfin, a French member of the European Parliament, has claimed that Draghi was involved in the Goldman Sachs manipulation of countries like Greece to help their governments hide the true extent of their debt until it reached fatal proportions. At the same time, Goldman Sachs was betting that those countries would collapse financially.

We are witnesses to a bankers’ coup on country after country in the biggest transfer of wealth and political power from people to a tiny elite in known human history.
It began with the Illuminati-engineered collapse of the banking system in September 2008. This banking crisis became a government crisis when Illuminati-controlled governments bailed out the banks and became swamped in catastrophic levels of debt.

In came the Illuminati created-and-controlled IMF and European Central Bank to ‘bail out’ governments which included the insistence on austerity programmes for the population, selling off state assets to Illuminati corporations at knock-down prices and now increasingly appointing bankers to become unelected political leaders of allegedly ‘democratic’ countries.
‘Coup’ is the only word to describe it – ‘a sudden appropriation of leadership or power; a takeover’.
The Illuminati cabal also has its ‘credit rating’ agencies, Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s and Fitch, which control 95 per cent of the credit ratings market, to downgrade the rating of any target country – thus increasing their interest on borrowing and advancing their economic collapse.
It was these same agencies that gave triple-A rating to toxic ‘assets’ (complete shite) held and sold by the banks in the run-up to the crash of 2008. This played a fundamental part in what happened and yet these agencies have faced no consequences and instead are taken seriously when they now proclaim their credit rating of entire nations. 

It is such an open book for anyone prepared to engage their brain.

Now we have Sarkozy, Merkel and the rest of the corrupt cartel in the European Union demanding that more power be given to the Brussels bureaucracy to take over all financial policy in Europe to ‘solve’ the problem caused by the Brussels bureaucracy.

Britain has retained the pound despite the best efforts of Tony Blair in his decade in Downing Street and operates outside the ‘Eurozone’ within the European Union; but German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble has predicted that the UK will have to adopt the euro ‘faster than people think’.

How can such a ridiculous statement be made when the euro is in such trouble? Because Schäuble knows that this is the plan if they can pull it off and Rothschild agents in the UK government, Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne, are both manipulating behind the scenes to bring this about because it is their job to collapse the British economy and see it absorbed into the European superstate.

The criminal that is Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, oversaw the collapse of European economies and now says that the only way to ‘fight’ the crisis is for a massive centralised superstate – exactly what the ‘European project’ was designed to be from the very start.
Jean Monnet, the Rothschild frontman and ‘Founding Father’ of what has become the EU, wrote in a letter to a friend on 30th April, 1952:
Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.

That is precisely what has happened and is still happening. 

Jose Barroso has the self-satisfied arrogance of the playground bully who knows that his ‘dad’ (called Rothschild) owns the school. He knows that no matter what he does, or how his corruption, contradictions, lies and insanity are exposed, that his ‘dad’ will support him and press on anyway. He can’t lose, therefore, because his corruption, contradictions, lies and insanity are all employed to support of his ‘dad’s’ agenda.
And ‘dad’ rules, OK?
Barroso told the European Parliament that the only way to solve the crisis in Europe (which he and his associates have created) was for ‘deep integration’. He said:
This is a fight for what Europe represents in the world. This is a fight for European integration itself.  We are confronted with the most serious challenge of a generation. What we need now is a new, unifying impulse, a new federalist moment – let’s not be afraid to use the word.

No let’s not, given that this was the goal from day one all those decades ago. Problem-Reaction-Solution.

Barroso even had the nerve to say that ‘this is a fight for the jobs and prosperity of families in all our member states’ when jobs and prosperity have been systematically destroyed across Europe in the cold and oh, so calculated agenda for mass human enslavement.

And not just in Europe either. It is happening in North America and across the world as economies are targeted, populations torn asunder and ‘solutions’ offered to restructure global financial and government in the form of a jackboot.
The technocratic global society – one controlled by ‘scientists, engineers, and other experts’ – has been creeping up on us for decades, precisely as planned. The imposition of bankers as unelected prime ministers of Greece and Italy is only the most extreme example that we have seen – so far.

Look at how many laws and regulations in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and across the world are now decided by bureaucrats and ‘experts’ in government agencies and such like. The ratio of laws and rules imposed by governments and their agencies compared with those subject to parliamentary vote or debate is now shocking.
But then when the US President and British Prime Minister can go to war without any input from Congress or Parliament worth the name, what is incredible anymore?

The Illuminati ‘training’ organisation, called Common Purpose, has been ‘training’ (mind programming) ‘leaders’ at all levels of government and law enforcement for decades to prepare them for what it calls the ‘post-industrial’, ‘post-democratic’ society.

You can see now with events in Greece and Italy what they mean by those terms, and what Brzezinski meant by his ‘Technetronic Era’. It is coming to a country near you, yes, including the United States, Britain and all the rest, unless there is a mighty and unshakable, unbreakable response from vast numbers of the target population.

It really is time to choose. Tomorrow won’t do.