Stephen Morris actively campaigned against the Greater Manchester Road Tax (Congestion Charge)

UPDATED 13/02/2017

Air pollution in Congestion charging London breached its entire legal limits for 2017 in just 5 days..

Congestion in London is horrendous, pollution is horrendous however the London Road Tax (congestion charge) as clearly failed to do what we were told it would do. It was sold as the great hope of reducing congestion and pollution, the Government and local authorities are clearly bereft of ideas to tackle the problems.

We were informed to switch from petrol vehicles to diesel, we’re now being told to switch from diesel to petrol. We we’re told a localised road tax (congestion charge) would reduce congestion and pollution, this again as clearly failed.

I will introduce a long-term strategic public transport plan which will give proper weight to economic, environmental, and public service considerations.

The strategic plan will include a contactless payment system for bank cards across Greater Manchester’s public transport system with the following fare structure:

1)      Peak fares will be scrapped

2)      A single fare of £2.00 will be introduced

3)      A daily cap of £6.00

4)      A weekly cap of £28.00

5)     Tram Fares will be frozen for 4 years

6)    There will be no return fares on Greater Manchester buses, you just pay the same price as 2 single bus fares.

7)      Over 60s will get free travel all day due to peak times being scrapped.

8)     Greater use will be made of city cycle-ways and pedestrian friendly areas.

9)     Bus lanes will be reviewed as some a clearly pointless and create congestion.

10)    More Bus routes will be introduced to service Greater Manchester residents.



Stephen Morris 




If elected as Mayor of Greater Manchester there will be no congestion charge brought in on the Greater Manchester Area.

I was an active campaigner with MART (Manchester Against Road Tolls), we campaigned to get the Greater Manchester Transport Innovation Fund, which included the Greater Manchester Road Tax (Congestion Charge), thrown out. WE WON

All the councils in Greater Manchester, which included those of Labour, Tory and Lib Dems, supported the Greater Manchester Road Tax (Congestion Charge).

However in every single council authority the people overwhelmingly rejected the congestion charge in a referendum, showing that the councils are out of touch with peoples views.

Now we see that Labour plans to bring in the Greater Manchester Road Tax (Congestion Charge) via the back door, with the Mayoral election, and ignore the will of the people. This cannot be allowed to happen, it is anti democratic to over rule the will of the people.

Only by voting for a candidate who was part of the MART group, and actively campaigned against the Greater Manchester Road Tax (Congestion Charge), can you guarantee it will not be brought in.

Stephen Morris

English Democrats



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