Stephen Morris’s Mini Manifesto

Stephen Morris sets out his Mini Manifesto for Greater Manchester

Only Stephen Morris and the English Democrats have the vision and the determination to make Greater Manchester a more prosperous and Healthier place to live and work.

Stephen said “The people of Greater Manchester want change, the status quo is no longer acceptable, with Brexit imminent and Scotland pushing for another referendum on Independence we need an English Party that is clearly focused on getting the best for all the people England and of Greater Manchester.”

Health and Social Care

  1. Abolish Hospital Car parking charges in Greater Manchester.
  2. Abolish Prescription Charges for residents registered as living in Greater Manchester and registered with a Doctor in Greater Manchester.
  3. Greater Manchester residents who study In Greater Manchester to become Doctors or Nurses, and sign up to work for the NHS in Greater Manchester for minimum of 5 years, will have their student fees paid for.
  4. Care units will be set up to take all the homeless off the streets of Greater Manchester.
  5. The reduction in Child Poverty and Deprivation in Greater Manchester will be a priority.
  6. A program for the early diagnosis of cancer will be rolled out across residents of Greater Manchester


  1. There will be NO Greater Manchester Road Tax (Congestion charge).
  2. Peak fares will be abolished on Greater Manchester public transport.
  3. Metrolink Tram Fares will be frozen for 4 years
  4. Greater use will be made of city cycle-ways and pedestrian friendly areas.
  5. Bus fares as follows:
    • A single fare of £2.00 will be introduced
    • A daily cap of £6.00
    • A weekly cap of £28.00
    • Seasonal tickets will be adjusted to align with new fare structure.
    • Over 60s will get free travel all day due to peak times being scrapped
    • Scholars Concessionary Permit for 16-18 year old will allow free travel to and from School or College.
    • Bus lanes will be reviewed as some are clearly pointless and create congestion
    • More Bus routes will be introduced to service Greater Manchester residents.

Planning and Environment

  1. There will be NO building on Green Belt land.
  2. Fracking will be banned in Greater Manchester
  3. Residential Housing:
    • 70 – 80% of all new houses built in Greater Manchester  will be required to be ‘affordable housing’
    • All new housing will be required to have solar energy installed.
    • All new residential flats will have to have car park facilities built underneath the building; areas above ground should be given to residential homes and not made into car parks.
  4. Industrial units:
    • Industrial Units will have to have solar panels installed
    • Industrial Units will have to have car parking facilities built under their units, areas above ground should be given to industrial units and not made into car parks
    • Industrial estates will have to have localised wind turbines


  1. Local Police will be accountable to local people
  2. Hold Police to account on behalf of the people of Greater Manchester
  3. Zero tolerance policy towards political correctness in Policing
  4. Cut red tape and put bobbies back on the beat
  5. Enforce the Laws of England without fear or favour.
  6. Drink and Drug related crimes across Greater Manchester will be targeted.


  1. Family-Friendly Policies will be a requirement for Businesses tendering for local Government contracts.
  2. Rejecting Zero Hour Contracts will be a requirement for Businesses tendering for local Government contracts.
  3. Businesses tendering for local government contracts will have to implement the Greater Manchester ‘Living Wage’ as set by the Greater Manchester Mayor.
  4. Local hiring – Businesses tendering for local Government contracts will be encouraged to hire people who live close to the place of work.
    • This aim is structured so that contractors awarded certain types of publicly funded projects to recruit a certain proportion of the people working on the project from a particular area.
    • Ensures that incomes earned is then invested back into the local economy
    • Reduces the environmental impact of commuting
    • Fosters community involvement
    • Preserves local employment opportunities
    • The environmental benefit of local hiring comes principally because employing a greater percentage of local workers leads to shorter commutes and a greater ability to walk, bike, and take public transit to work. This results in reductions in air pollution, including greenhouse gases.