Where We Stand

“The English Democrats are committed to putting England first! We want to make sure that we, the English, aren’t treated like second class citzens in our our own country.”


“The English Democrats want to put a halt to mass immigration. We propose moving to a Canadian style points system to stem the tide of migrants.”


“The English Democrats call for the immediate withdrawal from the European Union. The EU costs us £65 billion a year – the equivalent of 170 fully equipped hospitals. We would be better off out of the EU, trading with who we wish, making our own laws & setting our own taxes.”


“We would campaign to end the political correctness that stifles free speech and English traditions. Tax money spent on needless PC projects would be diverted to genuine causes.”


A Few Words About Us

For too long, England has been buried under a British identity by Labour, the Tories and the Liberal Democrats. For too long, England has been shamelessly abused, compromised and pillaged by successive Westminster administrations. England is not Britain-Lite, nor a disparate collection of EU-regions! England is not a cash cow for the benefit of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

England is a proud and historic country! How ironic then that England, the originator of the modern two-tier parliamentary system copied by every other western nation, is unique in being denied even the most basic of democratic rights of self-determination and cultural expression. We English are not even permitted our own national anthem, and St Patrick’s Day gets more official support than our own patron saint’s day!

Our Mission

The English Democrats believe our heritage is the bedrock of the future of England. Day by day we see this great country being undermined by legislation that puts the interests of minority pressure groups first whilst breaking down the English way of life. It is as if England never stood for anything, but we always have.

The English Democrats believe in standing up for what made England great. We believe that by putting our people first and by making sure that England is more than just a cash cow for other parts of the UK and Europe, we can once again by the country which is the envy of the world.

We have broken down what we stand for into eight key areas, you can read about them below, or by clciking on the links above. You can also read our full manifesto for more detail about each of our policies by clicking here.