Besses Ward election 19.06.18

I am standing in the Council by-election for the English Democrats who nationally want a fair deal for England.

Instead of English taxpayers’ paying over £50 Billion per year to Scotland, Wales, and N. Ireland, over £13 Billion to the European Union, and over £12 Billion in foreign aid to the rest of the world, we want English taxpayers’ money spent in England. We also want an English Parliament (like the Scottish Parliament) so that English affairs are decided by the people of England.

Locally, I have lived in our ward for 23 years, in Bury South for over 31 years, and am rooted in our local community. I have been a parent Governor of Castlebrook High School, and I have spent over 20 years on the local Homewatch group.

From that you can see I am very concerned about our children’s education, and the unacceptable amount of crime in our area. As a local Councillor I would do everything I can to make our schools the best they can be, and reducing local crime an absolute priority.

My other huge concern is to stop Bury Council wasting your money. They make people pay more and more Council Tax each year. I will challenge wasteful public spending wherever people see it and unlike any other Councillor I would campaign for a lower Council Tax.

So please use your vote to support me and so bring onto Bury Council a much needed voice for sensible policies most local people agree with.