British media states “NHS in Crisis” yet fails to mention which one. Why?

The British media is awash with articles on how the “NHS” is in crisis, however they fail to mention one crucial fact, there is no British or UK National Health Service.


  1. NHS England – Currently run by the Conservative and Unionist party in the United Kingdom Parliament.
    1. The English NHS is then broken down even further into regional Health services which provide different levels of Health care.
  2. NHS Scotland – Currently run by the Scottish National Party in the Scottish Parliament.
  3. NHS Wales – Currently run by the Labour Party in the Welsh Parliament.
  4. Health Service of Northern Ireland- Currently run by a coalition of parties in the Northern Ireland Parliament.

So the reports about “NHS in Crisis” actually refer to NHS England, but the media don’t want you to know that, why?

Well, it will further infuriate the people in England, not just as we have to pay for prescriptions, which are free in the other nation, or pay for hospital parking, which is free in other nations, or pay for the massive PFI debt which Labour imposed on NHS England, but also that various life saving and/or life enhancing drugs are also available in other nations of the UK but English patients are denied them. 

England is a wealthy nation, unfortunately we have no Parliament, no First Minister, and  no voice in how our Health service is run. 

Labour for many years have been reliant on its MPs from Scotland to keep it in Government, now the Conservative and Unionist Party are reliant on N. Irish MPs to keep it in Government. This explains why both Labour and the Conservative and Unionist don’t want to change it, they are both reliant on MPs from nations which receive more funding per head than those in England.

  1. England pays the £13 Billion net EU bill
  2. England pay the £12 Billion Foreign Aid bill
  3. England gives Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland over £50 Billion per year.

With an Independent England we will automatically save over £75 Billion per year, a massive sum which could be used to address the Social, Economic and environmental issues affecting our nation because of British rule.