Bury Folk Against Manchester Spatial Framework.

Please support “Bury Folk Against Manchester Spatial Framework

Firstly “Bury Folk Against Manchester Spatial Framework” is not aligned to any political party.


It is also clear that the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework is being pushed by Labour who run 8/10 Councils in Greater Manchester, the Labour Mayoral candidate, Andy Burnham, also supports the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.


The only way to stop Labour building on green belt land, against the wishes of the people, is to vote for an English Democrats Mayor.


I have, on a numerous occasions made my views known about building on Green Belt land, my previous article can be read at http://tinyurl.com/gtrryhz


If elected as the Mayor of Greater Manchester I will stop the building on Green Belt Land.


From the English Democrats Manifesto

2.10.1 The English Democrats believe that the resources of land and sea should be used in a way which gives due consideration to the long-term consequences. Each generation holds the environment in trust for future generations. We should not leave them to bear the cost of our selfish and short-sighted behaviour.

2.10.8 The English Democrats promote much tighter restrictions on green-field development and a better use of brown-field sites


Stephen Morris

English Democrats