England beware the Brexit Party trap

Below is an analysis sent to me regarding an article on Guido Fawkes website – Tories Lose Over 1,000 Seats — Plans for Conservatives to succeed the Brexit Party.

It also needs to be remembered that whilst Nigel Farage currently wants English votes to help get us out of the EU he is against an English Parliament, against having an English First Minister and so against giving us equality with Scotland, Wales, and N.I,

May’s policy on NO Brexit that has created the Conservative collapse at local elections was expected and factored in, according to many experienced commentators.  That is why they have created the Brexit Party  – in just four months flat. Is this remarkable? No, when you understand the following and YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THE FOLLOWING:

It seems surprising, but everything is under control and as planned – everything that happens will roll out – as planned.

The Brexit Party did not fight yesterday’s local elections because that would have had an even greater impact on the results, and there was still the hope that the results might not have been as bad as they had factored in, and that the CP could weathered the storm.

That has not happened, so we can now expect a ramping up of corporate and MSM support for BP and for the EU to remain quiet and quite happy with this apparent threat that isn’t – have you heard the EU trembling in its boots? No.

No prominent Tory figure would have been acceptable to disaffected Tory supporters and the public to front BP, so with his popularity still running high, Tory light Nigel Farage has taken the role of leading this embryonic ‘New Conservative‘ party. 

This re-branding modelling was pioneered by Tony Blair, Peter Mandleson and Gordon Brown, with their New Labour in the early 1990s following (Old) Labour’s departure from reality. But I suspect that the name Brexit Party will not be long- lived, well not until Brexit has been well and truly trashed (have you not noticed that names often mean the opposite of what the word or words say – ‘Brexit means Brexit‘, for instance – deliberate deceipt fro gain).

How long Nigel will remain in this role, or whether he will want to “get on with the rest of his life” again, is surely academic. The Brexit Party is not like your normal political party, it has no NEC, has no party members, and is financed by subscription – how novel and convenient.

This pseudo party can and will, no doubt, be run as a sort of dictatorship which would suit Farage down to the ground as he always had his difficulties with an ‘interfering’ NEC and was the one who decided whom he didn’t like as members in his party (I can tell you the names of many who got kicked out by him).

Isn’t the subscription model just tailor made for ease of control and funding. No more old ladies bazaars on the village green to raise funds, no more annoying party members trying to influence policy. Big business can just pour in the necessary cash when needed at election time. Elections have always been bought to some extent, but with the Brexit Party, you will have ‘seen nothing yet’

What the final party name might be is anyone’s guess, but once Brexit is lost in the long grass of history and no longer talked about by the MSM, a new appropriate name will emerge.

Yes, Theresa May will soon depart having done her job, and another, perhaps unsuspecting, leader will be appointed and the Conservative Party will stagger on until its successor is properly established.

Well, there is one problem with this plan and that is the, at present, struggling United Kingdom Independence Party, which has been deliberately upstaged by this bright young thing – The Brexit Party. That is why Ukip in its struggles to re-build has been so demonised and smeared, not only by an almost hysterical corporate owned media, but by the very man who held Ukip’s reigns of power for so long and built it into the fighting force it became in 2016.

I have not studied the list of candidates for this month’s EU ‘parliamentary’ elections, but the names I have heard are died in the wool Tories, either related to prominent Tory politicians or were one-time Tory MPs (Anne Widdicome comes to mind).

If the electorate are going to be fooled by this ruse, than it’s going to be bad news for honest party politics, bad news for Brexit, and bad news for the future of most of us who live or want to live in this once great country.

In the word’s of that far seeing pundit, George Orwell, talking of the ‘boot‘ – don’t let it happen.