Greater Manchester Mayor breaks manifesto pledge & attacks low paid workers with inflation busting fare increases

Labour controlled Greater Manchester, headed by Andy Burnham, have attacked low paid workers with a massive inflation busting fare increases of 6% each year.

Whilst many workers are feeling the squeeze, many not having had pay rises for a number of years, Andy Burnham has seen fit to hit them with inflation busting fare increases on public Transport, pushing people back into their cars as the cheapest form of travel.

His pledge for “Reliable and affordable public transport serving all communities, with less congestion on our roads” was another deception to gain votes, this also restricts the ability of people to look for work further afield from where they live.

The English Democrats pledged not not increase public transport fares for 4 years, our aim to help those on low pay, help those who may need to travel further to find work, and to get people to leave their cars at home and join the public transport revolution thus reducing congestions and pollution in Greater Manchester, all of which will help drive our economy forward.”

Stephen Morris

North West Chairman

English Democrats

Link to BBC article