It’s now 10 years since Jade Goody died of cancer

It’s now 10 years since Jade Goody died of cancer, the appalling circumstances around her death should not be forgotten.

Because she was English the testing for cervical cancer would only start at the age of 25, if she had been Welsh, or Scottish, then the testing would have started from the age of 21, by the time she found out it was to late to save her. I am not saying she would have survived if diagnosed at 21, however we do know that the earlier the diagnosis, the early the treatment, the higher the chance of survival.

It was appalling that English women’s health was being treated with less importance than women from Scotland or Wales.

The English Health service is controlled by the British Government, whilst Scottish and Welsh health services are controlled by their own parliaments.

On 1st April (and its no joke) the health tax on England will see prescription charges once again increased by the British Government, prescription charges were abolished in Wales in 2007, abolished in N. Ireland in 2010, and abolished in Scotland in 2011. There is no UK National Health Service, it is broken up and England is suffering at the hands of the British Unionist party’s