Labour Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham declares war on Green belt land.

Andy Burnham’s war on our Green belt land as begun, the magical “radical re-write” he promised in his manifesto during the Mayoral election once again mislead the public as we see large swaths of green belt land earmarked for development.

In areas like Bury South nearly 40% of Green belt land as been earmarked to be eradicated.

The destruction of large areas of Green belt land within Greater Manchester will only see our air pollution increase, well beyond legal levels, having an adverse effect on the health and wellbeing of every Greater Manchester resident.

I have continually opposed the elimination of green belt land when brown field sites are readily available. We need to get plans in place and local pollution levels under control before we look at developments which will increase pollution in our area.

Stephen Morris at a Campaign opposed to building on Green Belt land in Tyldesley 2017

English Democrats policy is to protect our green belt land.