Labour run Greater Manchester holds top 4 places for WORST failing care home failures, damning report warns

Care Home Lottery as Map reveals WORST areas in England for failing care homes is Labour run Greater Manchester


Stephen Stated “This is another damning report which shows the continued failure of a Labour run Greater Manchester, they fail to look after our elderly people, child poverty one of the worst in UK,  Deprivation some of the worst in UK, Homelessness increases fourfold and cancer rates well above the national average.”

Campaigners warn social care quality is ‘concerning’ with many OAPs facing ‘grim reality’ of having to opt for substandard homes

UP to two in three care homes are failing in parts of England, a damning report warns.

It found elderly Brits face a “postcode lottery” on the standard of care on offer in their area.


Research by charity Independent Age reveals 63 per cent of care homes in Stockport are rated either “inadequate” or “require improvement”.

And at least half found in four other parts of England – including well-heeled Kensington and Chelsea – were judged to be poor by inspectors.

Campaigners warn the quality of social care is “concerning” with many OAPs facing the “grim reality” of having to opt for substandard homes.

They blame a lack of cash and skilled staff for driving down quality.

Simon Bottery, Director of Policy at Independent Age, said: “Older people and their families really do face a postcode lottery when choosing a care home.

“The quality of care homes varies significantly across the country, often with stark differences between neighbouring local authorities.

“No one should be forced to live in an unsatisfactory care home but our analysis shows this is the grim reality in some parts of the country.”

The worst region was the North West, where one in three care homes were poor performers.

And the best was London, were only one in five did badly in inspections by watchdog the Care Quality Commission.

Overall, a quarter of homes were rated as either inadequate or requiring improvement in January this year.

Care home owners are increasingly handing back contracts, with half of councils having agreements ended because they could not pay enough.

Simon Bottery from Independent Age said the elderly face a ‘postcode lottery’ over care

Simon Bottery from Independent Age said the elderly face a ‘postcode lottery’ over care

Ministers last month pumped an extra £2billion to help crisis-hit social care.

They have also approved council tax rises of up to five per to fund ailing services for the elderly and disabled.

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK, said a lack of cash was not a good enough excuse for poor quality care.

She said: “It is horrible to think that in some areas the choices are so limited. This is a frightening situation for older people and their families who above all want their loved one to be somewhere caring and safe – and this really shouldn’t be too much to ask in an advanced economy in the twenty first century.”

The Department of Health said: “To ensure care improves we are providing councils with an extra £1billion of funding this year.”