UK government just played the Stephen Lawrence race card

Our government has just played the race card to deflect attention from the appalling treatment of our commonwealth friends and those who made England their home.

I also read this today and am saddened. Please share as I did. If you want to argue go elsewhere…
25 years ago a young man lost his life due to the colour of his skin. This was a terrible thing to happen. The Prime Minister announced yesterday that from now on the 22nd of April will be known as Stephen Lawrence Memorial Day to celebrate his life and legacy.

Although very sad, Stephen was not a special or exceptional person, he didn’t go out if his way for others or to help his community or carry out charity work. His life was that of an average teenager and other than being murdered held no legacy. He was a teenage boy who was unlucky enough to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

WPC Yvonne Fletcher was murdered by terrorists in the street in the line of duty.

PC Keith Blakelock was butchered by black rioters in Tottenham in the line of duty.

WPC Sharon Bechonivsky was murdered by robbers in Rotherham while on duty.

WPC’s Nichola Hughes & Fiona Bone were shot and blown up while responding to a 999 by Dale Cregan.

Drummer Lee Rigby was mown down and murdered by black ‘terrorists’.

PC Keith Palmer was stabbed to death by terrorist while guarding the Palace of Westminster.

Kriss Donald was a 14 year old lad from Scotland kidnapped burnt and butchered to dealth by a gang of Asian men.

All these people were murdered because of race and religion. Where are these people’s day of commemoration??? Brave people who paid the ultimate sacrifice while trying to protect and defend the British people and our way of life!!!

The Prime Minister and government say that want to eradicate racism and build an undivided multicultural society. Then why do they divide us with actions like this, actions that can only be reasoned to appease minorities and political correctness.

62 people have lost their lives on the streets of our Capital this year due to gun and knife crime. Most of which have been gang related black on black attacks.

The biggest threat to the black youth of today are other black youth. So instead of memorialising an isolated racist attack from a quarter of a century ago by a group of uneducated idiots which has no relevance of today’s society.

Why not memorialise a day like 7/7 or the London Bridge and Westminster attacks. A day when our country was attacked and there were victims of all races, religions and walks of life. A day when our society came together regardless of race and religion and helped those in need around them. A day of unity not segregation.

Maybe I’m wrong and this boy deserves his day or maybe I’m right and all Teresa May has done has fuel racism and separation. Who knows? I’m sure we’ll find out.

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