A Case for Imperial Measurement

Britain and the United States use Imperial units of measurement by law. It is the choice of the people. So why are metric units being forced upon us against our will ? In Britain, the Mile, Yard, Foot, Inch, the Pint (of beer and cider and of milk in returnable containers) and the Troy Ounce of precious metals, are still in use – by law. Wherever you look these days however, metric measurements are being…

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Dear Friend and Colleague The 2012 London Olympics are just around the corner. A great many people are understandably excited at the prospect and large numbers of athletes are in extensive training in readiness. But it seems to me that there is another view of this major series of forthcoming events across Britain. Please forgive my cynicism but I sense that Britain will as the result of the Olympic games, undergo still further degradation and…

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Eddie Bone: A sensible prescription for an English Parliament

The Yorkshire Evening Post on Saturday 27th August.  The debate for Equality for England is now firmly on the political agenda. A DECADE ago, the people of England would not have been discussing the prospect of independence for Scotland. However, independence is now clearly on the horizon following the historic and game changing Scottish National Party victory in May. Most people when they’re asked about Scottish independence will say that the unfair system now operating…

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