Campaign for an English Parliament

Here is a speech given by David Wildgoose on behalf of the C.E.P. to the English Democrats conference, i liked it so much I thought I would share it with you all. George Robertson is not a stupid man. I think his finest moment came shortly after the 9/11 attacks on the United States. The USA spends as much money on its armed forces as the rest of the world put together. They had been…

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  The Office for National Statistics gathered a total of 53,012,468 responses in England (which is officially defined as the 39 traditional counties – thus not including Monmouthshire).   As anyone would know who completed the Census form, the Census collected statistics for a great many types of information.   One which of political interest is “National Identity”, which is the self-identification of a person’s nationality by which nation they adhere to.   The Census also collected statistics…

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English NHS under threat from British Government

We are constantly hearing about the various failing of the NHS, however the NHS is a devolved issue , so in Wales a Welsh Parliament looks after the Welsh Health service whilst in Scotland the Scottish Parliament looks after the Scottish Health Service. England has no such parliament, the English Health service is controlled by a British Government made up of MPs from other nations who are not affected by its failings and who can…

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Where We Stand

“The English Democrats are committed to putting England first! We want to make sure that we, the English, aren’t treated like second class citzens in our our own country.” PUTTING ENGLAND FIRST “The English Democrats want to put a halt to mass immigration. We propose moving to a Canadian style points system to stem the tide of migrants.” STOPPING MASS IMMIGRATION “The English Democrats call for the immediate withdrawal from the European Union. The EU…

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New Labour – Old Labour – True Labour

After 13 years of a “Wicked and Malicious” Labour Government (Hazel Blears 2010 Labour Conference) with Gordon Brown either as Chancellor or Prime Minister, in May 2010 we had unemployment at a 16year high. Despite all the billions of pounds of tax payers money being squandered on public sector non jobs, that we managed without for generations, never needed, are not wanted and now cannot afford, unemployment was higher in 2010 than when Labour came…

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The trade union fat cats who are strangling our country

Top union leaders are better paid than their counterparts in the private sector – and they do it by holding the nation to ransom, says Matthew Sinclair. Old-fashioned socialist firebrand trade-union representatives must be a little disappointed. Trade union leaders are supposed to be the scourge of the rich, ensuring the money is taken for the workers in egalitarian redistribution. But when they look from trade unionist to capitalist and from capitalist to trade unionist…

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Is this the land we have become?

Daftland We live in a country called Daftland The England we knew is no more Where sensible people do ludicrous things Or risk breaking some Daftland law. In Daftland we’ve police dogs with muzzles Less the villain has cause to complain And to steal from a shop and say ‘sorry’ Means your free with no stain to your name. You had better leave lights on in buildings When you lock up and go home at…

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Diamond Jubilee

I celebrated the Queens Diamond Jubilee over the weekend however I only flew the English flag, the flag of my nation. England should be regarded the same as any other member of the Commonwealth of Nations who have their own flags, own identity’s and own cultures but also have the Queen as head of State and wished to celebrate her diamond Jubilee. The commonwealth has changed over the past 60 years of Her Majesty’s reign…

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