European Elections 2019

The parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is dominated by Europhiles, those who wish to give control of the UK to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

Whilst the majority of people in Scotland and N. Ireland voted to stay controlled by Brussels, the majority of people in Wales and the overwhelming majority of people in England voted to take back control from unelected bureaucrats in Brussels and bring it back to the elected House of Commons, although the majority of MPs appear to be self serving and anti democratic Europhiles, we do have the option to vote them out at the next election.

In all the discussions which have taken place one voice as been missing, and that is a voice for England. Theresa May has held meetings with the First Ministers of Scotland, Wales. and the DUP in Northern Ireland. Ironically whilst discussions have been going on regarding the Irish border the N. Irish parties can’t even agree the terms to reform the N. Irish parliament.

The biggest shock the Unionist parties and Europhiles could get in the European Elections is for England to gain a voice in the European Parliament. The Tories, Labour, LibDems, Greens, UKIP, Brexit party, and Change UK are all British Unionist parties, they will continue to deny England a voice.

Only the English Democrats stand up for England, to give the people of England its own distinct voice, we should no longer be treated as 2nd class citizens.

The people of England should be treated as equals in a United Kingdom, otherwise lets dissolve the dis-united Kingdom as it is no longer fit for purpose.