About Stephen

Welcome, I am currently the English Democrats North West Chairman, Communications Director, and Interim National Secretary. I am also the General Secretary for the Workers of England Union, and General Secretary for the Trade Union Congress for England.

I became involved in politics when I was elected as Unite Branch Secretary at Metrolink in Feb 2003 and continued until April 2010. Having attend a number of courses at Unites Transport House it became apparent that England and the English were being ignored by one of the largest Unions in the UK, and as all the activists were Labour supporters it was also apparent that Labour operated the same way.

Once I started to delve into this in more detail I became disgusted at how England was being treated, both by the T.U.C affiliated unions and the main political party’s. So I looked around and joined the English Democrats, with their civic English nationalist polices that set them apart from the BNP, Labour, Tory’s, Lib Dems, UKiP and many other parties, whilst looking after England.

The Lib,Lab,Con have shown over many decades that they can’t be trusted, sleaze, corruption, tax fiddles the list is endless, don’t get me wrong there have been some very good people in those party’s over the years but they are now seriously out numbered by the bad apples, this has led to voter apathy.

We cannot continue down this path, the failure of the E.U. political project and the Euro, communist countries breaking apart and now capitalism failing have shown that those who profess to be “Left Wing Socialist or Right Wing capitalist” have failed.

The English Democrats offer a “Not Left, Not Right, Just English” approach to politics, we take what is best in the long-term interests of England, not short-term political gain like the Lib,Lab,Cons and others.

The Workers of England Union is not affiliated to the T.U.C. preferring to be affiliated to the Trade Union Congress for England and do not fund any political party unlike many other unions.

English Constitutional Convention

Claim of Right

We, gathered as the English Constitutional Convention, do hereby acknowledge the sovereign right of the English people to determine the form of Government best suited to their needs, and do hereby declare and pledge that in all our actions and deliberations their interests shall be paramount.

We further declare:

  • England is not a collection of regions,  but is Europe’s oldest unified country.
  • Our nation has the same rights to a distinct political voice as the other nations within the UK.
  • The people of England alone have the right to decide England’s future.

Stephen Morris