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I am the General Secretary for the Workers of England Trade Union before this I was the Branch Secretary for Unite the Union on Metrolink Network.

I, along with my wife and children, live in Bury, so any decisions I make as a Councillor would directly affect me, my family, and neighbours, along with every other resident.

I was an active Parent Governor at the local high school when our older children attended, our youngest son still attends the same high school although it’s now classed as an academy, I want to make sure our children have the best education possible.

I am a local Homewatch Coordinator, something I have done for over 25 years, working with varies organisations to reduce crime in our area.

My work history is varied and covers many aspects which the other candidates cannot match, I spent 15 years as a Manager in various types of retail, I know the problems retailers are facing, I then joined Metrolink Tram network where I worked in various departments, I know the problems facing our public transport system.

Since leaving Metrolink in late 2014, I became General Secretary for the Workers of England Union, and help employees in all aspects of employment, up to and including representing at Employment Tribunals.

My work history, my local activism, and the fact I live in our area make me the ideal candidate for our area.

Wouldn’t it be nice, if we had a local, active, and experienced elected officials, who were not controlled by big party politics!  That’s why voting for me makes sense.