Mini Manifesto – Greater Manchester 2024

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Whether standing in local, general, or mayoral elections my beliefs and aims for our area remain the same, they don’t alter with each election just to gain votes, what you see is what you get.

The English Democrats also don’t use a party whip system, as such I am free to campaign and vote on issues that I believe in, unlike some other candidates from other parties that if elected have to toe the party line.

Before becoming the General Secretary for the Workers of England Union in 2017 I spent 15 years working in various departments on Metrolink Tram network, where for 7 years I was also the Unite Branch Secretary. Prior to Metrolink I spent 15 years managing various retail stores.

Married to Valerie we have 3 children, originally from Swinton I have lived in Bury for over 28 years (Val for over 50 years) and my youngest child still attends the local high school.  

Below are a few bullet points which I am committed to achieving.

Aims for our Police service

  1. Under Labours failed leadership Greater Manchester Police was placed under special measures, only the 2nd Police force ever to be put under special measures. Labour Councillors fail to hold the Labour Mayor to account over our failed Police service.
  2. To make sure Greater Manchester Police enforce the laws of England without fear or favour.
  3. To make sure our Police service prosecute those responsible for sexual crimes against children, and those in authority who failed those children.
  4. Zero tolerance policy towards political correctness in Policing.

Aims for our Economy

  1. That businesses tendering for local Government contracts have Family-Friendly Policies.
  2. Local hiring – Businesses tendering for local Government contracts will be encouraged to hire people who live close to the place of work.
  3. No local Government contracts will be issued to a company that is ultimately controlled by a regime that has ongoing human rights violations.

Aims for Health and Social Care

  1. Mental Health is now a major concern, my focus will be on pushing for wider community support for people living with mental illness.
  2. Care units will be set up to take all the homeless off the streets of Greater Manchester.
  3. A program for the early diagnosis of cancer will be rolled out across residents of Greater Manchester.

Aims for Transport

  1. To stop any Greater Manchester Road Tax (Congestion charge), Emissions Zone tax, or whatever other label the other parties attach to it.
  2. To campaign for peak fares to be abolished on Greater Manchester public transport.
  3. Greater use will be made of city cycleways and pedestrian friendly areas.

Aims for Planning and Environment

  1. To stop building on Green Belt land.
  2. That planning applications on brownfield sites located with greenbelt areas be tightly monitored, so not to adversely affect the surrounding greenbelt area.
  3. Residential Housing:
    1. That all new housing applications will be required to have solar energy installed.
    2. That all new residential flats will have to have car park facilities built underneath the building; areas above ground should be given to residential homes and not made into car parks.
  4. Industrial units:
    1. That all new industrial units will have to have solar panels installed
    2. That all new industrial units will have to have car parking facilities built under their units, areas above ground should be given to industrial units and not made into car parks
    3. Implement a review on the feasibility of Small Hydroelectric Turbine Generators – making use of our rivers could be a possibility.

Greater Manchester Mayor Accountability

  1. There is a lack of transparency surrounding the conduct and behaviour of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and Greater Manchester Mayor, as such I will introduce a London-style assembly which would scrutinise the GMCA and GM Mayor in a transparent manner which voters can engage with. The current system used by Labour is not as transparent on its actions as it should be.
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Stephen Morris Minute Manifesto for Mayor of Greater Manchester Election

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GM Mayoral Election – Work to end foodbank dependency

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#Morris4GMMayor – I’ve pledged my support to work in ending the need for #foodbanks in my community if I am elected Mayor of Greater Manchester on 6 May. I believe that together we can build a #HungerFreeFuture @TrussellTrust >

I have consistently campaigned to abolish Child Poverty, Deprivation and Homelessness spreading across our area under Labour, and this message is also in my Mayoral address to voters of Greater Manchester.


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GM Mayoral Election – Creative Workforce Pledge

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I have signed the Creative Workforce Pledge to show I value, respect and support the creative and cultural workforce in our area. By protecting and promoting good employment in these sectors, we can kickstart our economic recovery, improve our local communities and build back better.


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The Official Estimate of the Collateral Deaths due to UK Government imposed Lockdowns and Restrictions on medical treatment in England.

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Friday saw the publication of the Government’s assessment of direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19 on excess mortality and morbidity. The Daily Mail has the details:

More than 100,000 people are likely to die from non-coronavirus causes because of the pandemic, according to an official Government estimate.

By the end of next month the chaos in hospitals and care homes will have led to 46,000 avoidable deaths, Department of Health research has suggested.

Cancellations to routine operations may cause 18,000 excess deaths in the long-term, on top of hundreds more from cancer.

Officials calculated that over the next few years another 40,000 people may die due to the economic impact of lockdown, including rising unemployment and mental health issues.

The Government paper says the overall death toll of the pandemic will be 222,000, with 54% dying from the virus.

Overall, scientists suggest there will be 105,000 additional deaths because of the enormous disruption to non-Covid NHS care, as well as the economic downturn.

The document, dated December 17th and published yesterday by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), was drawn up by civil servants at the Department of Health, the Office for National Statistics and the Home Office.

It laid bare the unintended consequences of lockdown in detail, but stressed that the overall death toll would be far higher without the draconian restrictions.

So far more than 103,000 people in the UK have died after testing positive for COVID-19. 

Without lockdown, another 97,000 would have died from this winter alone, the report said.

The document also suggested the number of virus deaths could reach 122,000 by the end of next month…

The research supports a series of warnings from health charities that non-Covid patients are becoming “collateral damage” of the pandemic.

It said that plummeting non-Covid hospital admissions led to 4,000 excess deaths early in the pandemic, when many people avoided A&E even when they were suffering a heart attack or stroke. 

Continuing disruption to emergency care could lead to a further 10,000 deaths in the second wave, the document said.

The cancellation of operations and outpatient appointments could cause 18,200 deaths.

And the impact on GP services could result in at least 1,400 deaths over five years from missed cancer diagnoses, according to an early estimate which only examined figures up to August.

Excess deaths from non-Covid among adults receiving social care could hit 32,000 by the end of March due to reduced support and a rush to discharge vulnerable patients from hospital.

The report illustrated how even with a successful vaccination programme deaths are likely to remain well above pre-pandemic levels for years.

Of the 222,000 toll, 61,000 deaths were estimated to take place after this March.

The report said that the health impact of the ensuing recession is likely to be much worse than previously feared because “the bounce-back and recovery are likely to be at a slower pace than previously predicted”.

When assessing the Government’s claim that the Covid death toll would be roughly twice as high absent the three lockdowns, it’s worth remembering that Sweden’s deaths per million in 2020 were bang on the EU average in spite of not imposing any lockdowns last year. That suggests the lockdowns imposed in every other EU member state did nothing to reduce Covid mortality.

The report itself goes into more detail.

Under our central scenario there is a loss of approximately 1.3 million QALYs as a consequence of this pandemic induced recession. These health losses are largely accrued in the medium to long-term, with the morbidity affects largely falling in the medium term and the resultant mortality impacts falling in the longer-term. Under the upside scenario, there is an estimated 0.23 million QALY loss in the medium and long-run and under the downside scenario, there is an estimated 2.7 million QALY loss in the medium and long-run from COVID-19

Overall, our analysis suggests that the recession resulting from COVID-19 and restrictions on activities to contain it could have large effects on lives through unemployment, mental health impacts, loss of income and increased financial uncertainty. These impacts are likely to have medium and long-term consequences on population health in terms of increased morbidity and mortality

This analysis also presents an increase in the impact of the recession on medium and long-term health compared to our previous update. This is because more recent economic forecasts suggest the bounce-back and recovery are likely to be at a slower pace than previously predicted, and therefore the health impacts from the economic downturn accumulate over a longer period of time than previously considered.

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The Battle for Greater Manchester is on, Friend!

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Give Burnham The Boot!

Help Elect Stephen Morris as Mayor of Greater Manchester

Friend, our National Secretary, Stephen Morris will be running against Sharia-Appeasing Andy Burnham for the Mayoralty of Greater Manchester.

Only Stephen has the vision and the determination to make Greater Manchester a safer place for our daughters and better place to live for our people.

Stephen is the General Secretary for the Workers of England Union and been fighting against the Politically Correct Brigade and anti-English discrimination for over a decade!

If Stephen is elected he will automatically become the Police Commissioner of Greater Manchester and then we can finally start tackling the Islamic Grooming Gangs that plague the English people.

Stephen is promising to purge and prosecute the police officers that facilitated the grooming of our daughters and granddaughters.

Manchester’s Islamists vote Burnham…English Patriots vote for Stephen!

This is our opportunity to stand up and protect OUR girls.

“Sharia-appeasing” Andy has washed his hands of the English people and looked the other way as tens of thousands of English girls were enslaved, pimped out, tortured and raped by the enemies of England.

On Andy Burnham’s watch, we even saw the most deadly single terror attack in our nation’s history at the Manchester arena, and what did “sharia-appeasing” Andy do in its aftermath…he condemned the non-existent backlash against Islamic community. 

We are gearing up for this showdown, but we need your help. We want to rock the establishment and send Burnham to the back of the Dole Queue.

We will do everything in our power to achieve victory but our success depends on your support, Friend. 

Get behind our campaign and let’s replace traitorous Andy with a real English patriot!

Will you back Stephen for Mayor of Greater Manchester, Friend?

The fightback starts here!

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook Party Chairman

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