2021 Greater Manchester Mayoral Elections – Mini Manifesto

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I, and the English Democrats, have the vision and the determination to make Greater Manchester a more prosperous and healthier place to live and work.

“The people of Greater Manchester want change, the status quo is no longer acceptable, Andy Burnham and his Labour cohorts have only expanded on their record of failures, now more than ever change is needed.”

Before becoming the General Secretary for the Workers of England Union in 2017 I spent 15 years working in various departments on Metrolink Tram network, where for 7 years I was also the Unite Branch Secretary. Prior to Metrolink I spent 15 years managing various retail stores.

Married to Valerie we have 3 children, and I know the issues they face with my eldest daughter in employment, eldest son recently finishing University and entering the job market, and youngest son still at school.  

Below are a few bullet points which I am committed to achieving.

The Mayoral tax, imposed by Labour on our area, will be frozen under my Mayoralty.


  1. To make Greater Manchester Police fit for purpose! That they actually ‘Protect and Serve’ our communities.
  2. To make Greater Manchester Police enforce the laws of England without fear or favour.
  3. Protection of vulnerable people. The prosecution of those responsible for sexual crimes against children, and those in authority who failed those children will be a priority.
  4. Zero tolerance policy towards political correctness in Policing.
  5. Cut red tape and put bobbies back on the beat.


  1. Family-Friendly Policies will be a requirement for Businesses tendering for local Government contracts.
  2. Local hiring – Businesses tendering for local Government contracts will be encouraged to hire people who live close to the place of work.
  3. No local Government contracts will be issued to a company that is ultimately controlled by a regime that has ongoing human rights violations.

Health and Social Care

  1. Mental Health is now a major concern, my focus will be on pushing for wider community support for people living with mental illness.
  2. Care units will be set up to take all the homeless off the streets of Greater Manchester.
  3. A program for the early diagnosis of cancer will be rolled out across residents of Greater Manchester.
  4. Abolish Hospital Car parking charges in Greater Manchester (Hospital parking charges were abolished in Wales in 2008 and Scotland in 2009.)


  1. There will be NO Greater Manchester Road Tax (Congestion charge), Emissions Zone tax, or whatever other label they attach to it as is being planned by Labour.
  2. Peak fares will be abolished on Greater Manchester public transport.
  3. Greater use will be made of city cycleways and pedestrian friendly areas.
  4. Blue badge holders will automatically be issued, free of charge, a permit indicating that they are entitled to the English National Concessionary Travel pass (bus pass)
  5. Bus fares as follows:
    1. A single Greater Manchester bus journey costs £1.55 no matter how far you go.
    2. A daily cap of £4.65
    3. A weekly cap of £13.95
    4. Seasonal tickets will be adjusted to align with new fare structure
    5. More Bus routes will be introduced to service Greater Manchester residents.

Planning and Environment

  1. There will be NO building on Green Belt land.
  2. Planning applications on brownfield sites located with greenbelt areas will be tightly monitored, so not to adversely affect the surrounding greenbelt area.
  3. Residential Housing:
    1. All new housing will be required to have solar energy installed.
    1. All new residential flats will have to have car park facilities built underneath the building; areas above ground should be given to residential homes and not made into car parks.
  4. Industrial units:
    1. Industrial Units will have to have solar panels installed
    1. Industrial Units will have to have car parking facilities built under their units, areas above ground should be given to industrial units and not made into car parks